Mermaid addresses technical breakdown on marine operations

Mojo Maritime are pleased to announce that Mermaid®, their innovative marine operations planning and weather risk analysis tool, now addresses technical breakdown on marine operations.

“Weather is a critical and difficult-to-control risk on marine operations; and for many years, Mermaid® has been providing us with accurate measurement of this risk,” says Dr Rich Walker, Mojo’s Senior Marine Operations Analyst. “With this latest development, Mermaid® can now report on the impact of technical breakdown. As it integrates seamlessly with the measurement of weather risk, I believe that this adds unrivalled sophistication to our risk analysis capabilities.”

Mermaid allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover the risks and identify critical operations prior to going offshore. A number of significant players in the marine industry already use Mermaid® to analyse their operations as relates to weather risk, but understanding how technical breakdown affects these operations has been a manual process. Now, Mermaid® allows the modelling of the breakdown of critical components and their repair process, in a predictable and deterministic way.

When a breakdown occurs, Mermaid’s sophisticated modelling capabilities allow for a realistic repair scenario:

  • When repairs require a return to port, Mermaid® harnesses its geographic awareness to automatically schedule the transits.
  • Where repairs are a complex operation requiring certain weather limits to be met, Mermaid® utilises its metocean awareness to ensure that the repair can be completed.
  • Where repairs are a sophisticated series of operations, Mermaid® uses its nested grouping and repeating capabilities to allow realistic modelling of the situation.
  • Where replacement components are on a lead time, or require transport from a distance, Mermaid® uses its ability to model multiple vessels and ports to provide a realistic and weathered component delivery time.

In summary, Mermaid® is the tool to ensure that you’ve got your risk covered for technical breakdown and repair.

The update including this capability will be automatically delivered as part of the fortnightly update cycle to all existing users of Mermaid® next week. Details of how to use the feature are available on the News and Tutorials pages at