Mermaid Release Notes: Version

Over the last two weeks we’ve really been hammering Mermaid on some more complex analyses, and been able to use them as a proving ground for some significant performance improvements. In the background we’ve been working away on new features, but we thought that you’d really appreciate seeing these bug fixes and performance gains for yourselves.

We’ve also added a description of our raw ZIP outputs to the support portal, just search there for “csv” or “zip” and you should find it.

Performance and Usability gains

MM-1020, MM-1716: Improvements to Task Diagram speed and usability.

MM-1684: Improve viewing Excel files in Metocean Sources.

MM-1740: Make it possible to use authenticating web proxies.

Resolved Bugs

MM-1741: Unexpected Failure dragging group with green repeat connection outside the group upon which repeat connection applies to.

MM-1733: Can expand and collapse details pane by pressing Enter.

MM-1732: Entering long strings in the task and groups notes boxes causes resizing of view.

MM-1731: Occasional failure when setting repeat dependency with duplicated tasks.

MM-1721: Can resize group when in pan mode.

MM-1720: Duplicating a group causes tasks to forget their connection nodes.

MM-1714: Occasional styling problem with export diagram.

MM-1713: Unexpected Failure on export of empty diagram.

MM-1712: Navigation bar at the bottom of the map has the circle in the wrong place.

MM-1708: The Results->Source pane can jump around when the Tasks are expanded and collapsed.