Mojo Maritime attends All Energy 2016, supporting the reduction of cost and risk in the offshore energy sector

4th May 2016

Mojo Maritime will be attending All Energy 2016 and showcasing Mermaid®, the market-leading marine operations planning and risk optimisation tool.

In a speaking slot during the “UK Marine enabling technology programmes” session (in the Lomond Auditorium at 4pm on 4th May), Steve Jermy will present a number of innovative solutions developed by Mojo Maritime, including the HF4 vessel.  Mermaid underpinned the development of these solutions and Steve will discuss how and why Mermaid can benefit other projects.

Mojo Maritime will also be demonstrating Mermaid throughout the event. Mermaid has been used for many years by Mojo Maritime in planning their operations and providing consultancy services. More recently Mermaid has been used by a number of major players in the offshore industry.  Mermaid is available as a professional and easy to use standalone software tool to support and promote effective risk management throughout the industry. Please get in touch to arrange a demonstration of how you can use Mermaid to optimise your projects.