Mermaid Release Notes: v1.2.0.0

We are proud to announce the availability of a key new feature: the modelling of mobile tasks. This can be used in Mermaid to more accurately model long cable runs through different oceanographic zones, or more accurately model towing operations.

If you are not yet a user, remember that Mermaid has a free two-week trial. Why not kick it off at one of our upcoming online training programmes? Please get in touch if you’d like to be part of it. Each training programme consists of three 2-hour sessions. The dates and times are:

17th, 18th and 19th of January, 10am to 12 midday UTC.

14th, 15th and 16th of February, 10am to 12 midday UTC.

New Features and Improvements

MM-50: Mobile Tasks.

Mermaid tasks have always been fixed to one location. Now operations can be modelled as mobile. This is of particular use when considering cable laying, surveys, and towing operations. To help you understand them we have created a couple of videos to explain – with another coming soon to address cable laying operations directly.

To view the Mobile Tasks introduction video directly on YouTube then click here.

To view the Towing Operations video directly on YouTube then click here.


MM-2044: Mermaid Simulator approximately twice as fast.

We’ve put a lot of work in behind the scenes to speed up the Mermaid simulator. The same simulation quality as you are used to, just a lot quicker.


MM-2025: Duration box whisker – chart export fails second time

MM-2029: Cannot import metocean data from all Excel formats in German regional settings

MM-2031: Cost Box-Whisker should be empty when there are no costs modelled

MM-2032: Unexpected failure when removing history from an analysis with a lot of history.

MM-2033: Progress Burn Up Charts – Percentage lines continue at/near 100%

MM-2034: Limit slider doesn’t update text value box

MM-2042: Progress Burn-Up by Group increments on first rather than last task

MM-2050: No transits shown on Setup Gantt Chart with repeat dependency parallel group

MM-2056: Cannot duplicate group with a Repeat Connection