Mermaid Release Notes: 5th Beta Release

New Features and Improvements

MM-992: Tidal Optimisation

Mermaid can now automatically select start dates near those specified, that correspond to the best time to run the operation based on the tidal behaviour around the site(s) in the operation.

MM-1283: Load more than one results set at once

The Analyse tab can now load multiple results sets into a single .mres file, making it easier to collect and compare sets results from similar runs.

MM-1294: Progress bar for loading analyses

When an analysis is loading, there is now a progress bar showing how much has loaded. Read more >

Mermaid Release Notes: 4th Beta Release

New Features and Improvements

MM-1275: Automatic updating of .mer files. 

No longer do new software features require deleting and re-entering the data in the MER files. They auto-update.

MM-1274: Optimise import time for results. 

The importing of results from a run has become significantly quicker.

MM-995: Task Cut-Off Time. 

It is now possible (in the Run tab) to specify the maximum run-time for a task rather than the whole project.

Resolved Bugs

MM-1272: Routing in large diagrams causes UI to stop responding

MM-1270: Pressing Run Analysis occasionally causes the UI to stop responding

MM-1264: Route table in sidebar does not load correctly

MM-1263: Cannot overwrite existing analysis

MM-1262: Elevation/Depth slider on Task Card is not functional. 

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Mermaid Release Notes: 3rd Beta Release

New Features and Improvements


Resolved Bugs

MM-1188: Tick-boxes do not grey out when disabled

MM-1195: Transits do not always display in the correct vertical order in Gantt Chart

MM-1239: Mermaid hangs if pasting massive longitude into side bar

MM-1266: Loading output analysis with multiple start dates fails

MM-1267: Running analysis with multiple vessel transit speeds fails

MM-1269: Running analysis with comma in names fails

MM-1193: Scrolling of output analysis summary with many tasks / vessels

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Mojo Introduces Mermaid: Marine Economic Risk Management Aid

Installation cost and risk is a major factor in the long term viability of offshore marine projects particularly Round 3 Wind and Tidal Energy arrays. Cost reduction is necessary for these technologies to evolve. Unfortunately, cost reduction often involves increased risk – which can be very difficult to evaluate- lessons are nearly always learned the hard way with cost overruns, poor project/ contract management and weak installation strategies. This has led to the development of a powerful new planning software tool called Mermaid (acronym for Marine Economic Risk Management Aid). Read more >