Mermaid is a versatile tool; it can be used to answer a wide range of questions around the effect of weather on marine operations.
Investment appraisal


Bid Creation

Bid review

Project Optimisation

Device Optimisation

Port & Vessel Selection

Weather Risk Insurance

Professional, Easy to Use

Mermaid is built by a team made up of experienced marine operators and professional software engineers. It has been in development for around five years, road-tested on dozens of different projects and used for a host of different applications. But this isn't all that gives us confidence.

Every change that we make to Mermaid is thoroughly peer-reviewed, and every iteration has to pass over 3000 automated tests to make it through.

However, it's not just high quality, it's easy to use. Through 2015, Mermaid has been in beta testing with non-technical users, and even with just a little training they start producing useful results in minutes, not hours.

And if you are still unsure, consider the support. When you contact us, you get straight to the experts; there's no hanging around for an answer.

  • Days between updates

    We update Mermaid every two weeks - new features, new fixes, delivered seamlessly to your desktop.

  • Hour response time

    Our user support portal is available online, all the time. And if you need support, we will be in touch within one working day to help you out.

  • Percent yours

    We don't expect you to upload your private data to our servers. Keep everything in your systems, confidential and safe.

  • Percent available

    Mermaid runs on your computer. No internet downtime, no buffering.