Mermaid Release Notes: Version

It’s only a week since the last release, but as we’re taking a break over Christmas and the New Year, we thought we’d deliver a release to you all as a small gift at the end of 2015. User support will be available through the support portal, UK business days remaining this year are: 24th December, 29th-31st December.

New Features

MM-1471: Automatically remove unknown runs due to running out of Metocean Data or hitting Cut-Off Limits.

We’ve added the ability to remove the Unknown results from the statistics. Most commonly, this is due to the simulation running out of metocean data, and so it makes sense to remove these runs.

The new functionality allows you to choose which runs should be removed from the statistics; Unknown runs that are due to the simulation running out of Metocean data, runs that are Unknown because they have hid the project cut-off time, and/or runs that are Unknown because they have hid the task cut-off time.

This function uses new information output from the simulation process, so to use it you will need to re-run any existing simulations, rather than simply re-importing the ZIP file. Existing ZIP files will still re-import, but it simply won’t be possible to filter out Unknown runs from them.


Visual Improvements

MM-1591: Group which task is being dropped into doesn’t always go red.


Resolved Bugs

MM-1601: Occasional unexpected failure during editing in the Tasks tab.

MM-1603: Very rare failure to complete analysis.