Mermaid Release Notes v.

The latest release of Mermaid is now available, including a new feature allowing you to download historical weather data from our servers directly within Mermaid.

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New Features

MM-1995: Integrate downloadable Metocean data

Mermaid now comes with free access to a ten-year metocean hindcast dataset that users can import directly into their Mermaid models.  The main details of the dataset are as follows:

  • Parameters: Mean wind speed at 10m elevation, significant wave height and mean wave period
  • Period: ten-years, January 2006 to December 2015
  • Time step: three-hourly for wind speed, six-hourly for wave height and period, interpolated to three-hourly.
  • Grid resolution: approximately 0.25° (~27km)

The data originates from the European Centre for Medium range Weather Forecast’s (ECMWF) ERA-Interim reanalysis dataset.  The atmospheric model is coupled to a global 0.5° resolution spectral wave model.  The wave model data has been interpolated to the same 0.25° grid as the atmospheric data to enable wind and wave data to be accessed on the same grid.  Full technical details of the ECMWF model data can be found here.

There is a blog post with more information on this new feature here.

MM-1182: Dependencies in the task diagram are now coloured by suspendability state

This visual cue should make it much clearer to understand how your operation will be allowed to suspend in the simulation.


MM-1259: Performance optimisation – Cache route create and transit calculations

MM-2187: Stop any running analysis when Mermaid is closed

MM-1344: Double click tasks and groups to pop out details window

MM-2051: Pressing escape in map or diagram switches back to default mode

MM-1667: Highlight task name for editing straight after adding

MM-2150: Remove need to have metocean data for unweathered run

MM-2192: Add warning for start date inside repeated group

MM-2196: Performance optimisation – Don’t check for nearest metocean when unweathered

MM-1718: Pressing escape when in duplication mode should end duplication

MM-2197: Change ‘Mojo Maritime’ references to ‘James Fisher Marine Services’

MM-2155: Change some scroll panels so that you can click and drag

MM-2198: Performance optimisation – Optimise simulation when multiple metocean points are used


MM-2181: New or Open doesn’t warn when mer file cannot be saved

MM-2186: ‘New Group(x)’ doesn’t raise warning for no group name

MM-2190: Unexpected failure when exiting with incompleted runs

MM-2193: Error in vessel log with specific future commitment

MM-2213: Vessel log is assembled incorrectly in some cases

MM-2217: Mobile task starting on first timestep after storm causes hang

MM-2226: Transits outside of the metocean data are sometimes calculated incorrectly