Mermaid Release Notes v1.2.0.19

The latest release of Mermaid is now available, including a new feature allowing you more flexibility in the assignment of vessels. We’ve also added a video demonstrating the metocean data download process which was added in the last version of Mermaid. You can see that video and other video tutorials here.

If you’re interested in Mermaid please get in touch.

New Features

MM-1537: Non-suspendable groups with tasks that have different vessels

It is now possible to change the vessel which is assigned to tasks in a Non-Suspendable or Suspendable If Vessel Holds Station group. Inheritance of vessels on these groups is no longer forced, but is still an option. This is particularly useful for large multi-vessel operations and for simulating work such as offshore wind maintenance where crew transfers occur.

Existing MER files will keep the vessels assigned to these tasks set, but forced inheritance will be removed allowing you to change the vessel.


MM-2211: Deleting selected vessel does not select a different vessel

MM-2225: Metocean change parsing dialog title is incorrect

MM-2238: Simulation memory usage issue relating to route calculation

MM-2239: Importing a map with a shelter or port, but no offshore locations, fails

MM-2250: Mermaid occasionally only runs unweathered, even when weathered is selected