Mermaid Release Notes v1.2.0.20

The latest release of Mermaid is now available, including a number of new metocean channels for restricting work.

If you’re interested in Mermaid please get in touch.

New Features

MM-1529: Limit operations by cloud height, humidity and temperature

It is now possible to restrict work using cloud height, humidity and temperature. We have also added temperature to metocean database that is freely available with Mermaid.

MM-2053: Colour code locations

Map locations can now be colour coded allowing easier identification.


MM-2253: Only warn once when vessel changes multiple times in non-suspendable and if holding station groups

MM-2254: Export probability of exceedance data to Excel every 1% instead of every 5%


MM-2249: Rare unexpected failure when downloading metocean data

MM-2248: Any key press dismissing the assets import tab, should only dismiss on ESC key

MM-2258: Crash when trying to view metocean download option on map with no metocean points

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