Mermaid Release Notes v1.2.0.30

The latest release of Mermaid is now available. In this release there are a number of new features in the results side of Mermaid

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New Features

MM-1286: Axis Options

It is now possible to manually set the axis limits on charts.

MM-1354: Export progress burn up data to Excel

The data displayed in the progress burn up charts can now be exported to Microsoft Excel.

MM-1853: Expand all/collapse all buttons on the results Gantt chart

Expand and collapse all buttons have been added to the results Gantt chart, allowing quicker navigation of the chart.

MM-2287: Export results Gantt chart to XML

The results Gantt chart can now be exported to XML format meaning that it can be viewed in third-party software such as Microsoft Project. Note, due to limitations in Project’s date range only simulations within the valid range can be exported, also, the unweathered case now always runs from a consistent start date to ensure export validity.

MM-2316: View individual runs on the box-whisker charts

A toggle has been added to allow individual runs to be plotted as data points overlaying the box-whisker statistics.

MM-2317: Results only version

Mermaid’s licensing has been modified to allow users without a valid license to use the results side to view data from previously run simulations. This allows easy sharing of Mermaid results with colleagues without a license, or the revisiting of results produced during a license period after the license has expired.