Mermaid Release Notes v1.3.0.4

The latest release of Mermaid is now available.  We’ve added some new features, most of which have been requested by our users. If you’re interested in Mermaid please get in touch.

New Features

MM-2346: Unit Conversion

We’ve made changes to allow speed units to be shown in metre per second (default) or knots and for duration units to be shown in hours (default) or days.  Use the settings cog in the top right corner to set your preference.

MM-2342: Increase maximum task duration

The allowable maximum task duration has been increased from 170 hours (approximately 1 week) to 8760 hours (1 year).

MM-2335: Site/Port access and depart durations can now be 0

MM-2341: Setting variable duration by repeat by pasting in tabular data

When using the variable duration by repeat number option for task durations the values can now be set by pasting in a table of data (from Excel, for example).  This data should have two columns, the first detailing repeat number and the second the duration (in hours or days depending on your unit settings – see MM-2346)

Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed a few small bugs in this release:

MM-2351: Error caused in metocean statistics which can prevent opening a MER file.
MM-2354: Deleting the metocean location assigned to a database data set can cause errors in the statistics tab.
MM-2358: Editing a route imported from another MER file causes a crash.
MM-2360: Error opening old MER files.
MM-2352: Metocean location sidebar doesn’t scroll far enough to see all locations.
MM-2350: Progress burn up chart export to PNG does not use user defined axis limits.
MM-2364: In some rare situations unweathered transits can be incorrectly delayed.